On breakfast cereals

Posted: October 9, 2011 in Random stuff

So I recently won a bet with a friend of mine. We learned of an honest-to-freakin-God medical condition from the 1970s called “Frankenberry Stool,” caused by the failure of pink dyes in Frankenberry cereal to break down in the digestive tract. My friend challenged me to use the term “Frankenberry Stool” around our bosses. I work as a newspaper reporter, so I told my editor about David Franken and Stephen Berrystoole, both of whom were running for county commissioner on the Franken/Berrystoole ticket. She didn’t believe me, but I accomplished my goal nevertheless.

The whole episode got me thinking of breakfast cereals such as Frankenberry and Count Chocula. Aren’t we about due for some updated monster-themed cereals? Like Freddie Kruger Krunchies. Or Hunny Hannibal Lecters. (“The Killer Cereal for Serial Killers!”)

  1. While not a breakfast cereal, how about a nice jar of Jason’s Jelly/Jam? It can even be blood red in color!

  2. That’s a distinct possibility. But I think a Jason-themed breakfast serial is workable. Something like “Hack & Slashies.” With little marshmallows shaped like decapitated heads and dismembered limbs.

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