Me at a horror convention

Posted: October 12, 2011 in About "Chamber of the Bizarre", Videos

This video is really where the blog started. A horror convention was taking place in Gettysburg, and I took my camera out there on a whim. By the way, I intend to make two sets of videos in the future. One group, called “Bizarre York County,” will be posted first on the Website of the newspaper where I work, the York Daily Record. The others, called “Chamber of the Bizarre,” will be for this Website.

Enough with the complicated stuff. Enjoy the video.

  1. Lette's Chat says:

    This video was great! My publisher/editor at Unforgettable Books Inc. (Kortney, Sarah’s sister holding the book) directed me here. I was there milling amidst the horror-finders as well and had a great time. You are very funny – especially when talking about Twilight. Ew.

    I will be following your blog (and referring several people too!) and maybe you’ll drop by to say hello to me and my alter ego as well. (My pen name is Odina Coven) / / /

    (shameless plugging)

    Now I have to figure out how to follow you on my account.

  2. Will do! I’m new to this blogging thing, and trying to figure out how to work all the doohickeys that enable you to link to other blogs. But I intend to make the effort. One of the main things I wanted to accomplish with project was to make connections with people who share my interests. I’m delighted it’s happening already.

  3. Although I much prefer comedy to horror (but there might be a fine line between the two), this video is a lot of fun!

  4. Nannette says:

    David and I loved this! What’s next a Star Trek convention?

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