Old-time strongman Chris Rider

Posted: December 14, 2011 in Videos

Recently, I paid a visit to Chris Rider of Thomasville, Pa., who is one of the strongest men in the world. Here’s a video I made. I try to keep my videos at under five minutes. But soon I intend to post another video that will show some more of the feats of strength he demonstrated for me. Damn! My jaw is still bruised from the numerous times it hit the floor. In addition to the feats you’ll see in this video, Chris drove a nail through a board with his hand, rolled up a frying pan and bent a really heavy adjustable wrench. And by the way, Chris informed me that they’re called “feats” not “tricks.” “Tricks are for clowns,” he said. So I’m calling them feats. Because Chris is not on my short list of guys I want to piss off. Anyway, here’s the video. Watch and be amazed.

  1. Great video! Chris is not only super strong, but one of the really good guys out there.

  2. Tom Joyce says:

    Yeah, he’s a great guy. He gave me some tips on strength training. And very charitably refrained from snickering when I showed him my technique.

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