OK, this is kind of an annual tradition for me — going to the Spoutwood Farm May Day Fairie Festival in Glen Rock, Pa., and making a video where I talk to the attendees about politics. I first did it on a whim before the 2008 presidential election, when I covered politics as a newspaper reporter. It went over so well that I started doing it every year. The folks who show up at the festival have a great sense of humor and are always willing to play along. This year was no exception.

I take a certain pride in imagining that this is the only entry in the entire blogosphere the includes both “Twig the Fairy” and “Federal Election Commission” as tags. Enjoy.

  1. Carlette says:

    Wow. Just wow, Tom. Hmmm….the little goat man was disturbing and what was that walked past playing the guitar?? o.O LOL .. Twig was cool though. I liked her and I actually understood what she was saying. HA! Good stuff.

    • You know, I didn’t even notice the guy with the … I guess it’s a lute or something … walking behind the other guy when I was interviewing him. That’s what I like about the festival. The people there have a great sense of humor.

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