The Curious Tale of the Ghostly Hitchhiker

Posted: May 24, 2012 in Blogs, Uncategorized
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Yaaaay! I got a story published on a Website called “Microhorror.” The gimmick is that every story on the site has to be horror fiction that’s 666 words or fewer in length. I found writing that short to be quite a challenge. So I’ve been doubly impressed with the consistently high quality of the submissions.

All of the stories I’d seen on there were serious. Mine, obviously, is a spoof. I didn’t really expect it to be accepted, and was pleasantly surprised when it was. Here’s the link:

  1. Dear Tom,

    Congratulations. Love the story. 🙂

    Love Dotty xxx

  2. Carlette says:

    BWAAAHAHAHA. That was brilliant Tom. I really enjoyed it and you’re a great writer! Wow, the descriptives were fantastic! Now you’ve got me wanting to read more of your stuff. I’m going to post the link on writer’s group page to give you some more hits. Well done! *applause*

  3. Carlette says:

    I’ve facebooked it, tweeted it and pressed it. Hope you get exposure!

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