Ouija boards redux

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Alright! Got some discussion going on my previous entry concerning Ouija boards, from two very different religious perspectives. Which is cool. I’m not above using a little bit of religious controversy as a cynical ploy to generate readership. (Stay tuned for my upcoming post titled: “The Dalai Lama. What a Dick.”)

As an added bonus, the people weighing in happen to be two of my favorite bloggers. Ray Ladouceur’s “Dogwood Tales” incorporates woodworking advice and entertaining videos.

Check it out here:


And Carlette Norwood Ritter’s “Lette’s Chat” is a blog talk radio show that features thought-provoking and fun discussions with an array of fascinating guests.

Check it out here:


As I say, they approach the subject from very different perspectives and you can see their original comments in the previous post.

Carlette maintains that the Ouija board does have powers, and that treating it as a toy is playing with fire.

Ray maintains that the Ouija board may be bogus, but that its presence at a church sale (it wasn’t actually a Catholic church, but that’s hair-splitting because it was a Christian church and the objections are the same) was inappropriate because of the church’s prohibition against summoning the dead.

As a personal aside to Carlette — I didn’t intend disrespect toward believers in spirit communication in general, any more than I’d intend a dig at phony faith healers to be a condemnation of all Christians.

Like I said in the post, there have always been people who claimed to be able to communicate with spirits. The spiritualists I was referring to were a specific subset of admitted frauds. I don’t believe you’re working any scams. If I did, I would have tried to get in on them.

As a personal aside to Ray – You’re ugly. I just never get tired of pointing that out.

So, any more thoughts from readers on the subject of Ouija boards? Harmless? More-or-less harmless, but still inappropriate for church sales? Dangerous devices for those who don’t understand them?

And the Dalai Lama – what the f**k’s his problem anyway?

  1. Meanwhile, I’m still trying to get rid of the poltergeist I accidentally summoned while playing Chutes and Ladders.

  2. Carlette says:

    lol, I know that you know where I’m coming from Tom. It’s my concern that people play with a portal that is marketed as a toy then don’t know what to do with the entities that come through the worm hole!

  3. Vanessa says:

    sure. Placing our hands on the triangle thing our hands saettrd sliding over the board. She asked if grandfather was there. It came back with some wierd name that she said was her nickname as a child by her grandfather. Okay I thought . then she asked how he was. Mad was his reply, mad for we race. Again I thought,Okay?. Next it said that Tom was mad, I thought to myself , who the hell is Tom. Finally I told her that I really didn’t believe in the board and to ask grandfather something only I knew the answer to. With that she told me to ask the question. I told her to ask her grampy what my middle name was. She asked and the first letter circled was the G , Being that my name was Garry she asked him what my middle name was , not my first. With that it circled the G twice. She said , okay G. Then it circled the U. Out loud she thought to herself..G..U? What name begins with G U? At this point I thought I was helping her, so I closed my eyes. She then continued to spell out my middle name G..U N..T..H..E..R, she then said Gunther? She said all the blood drained from my face and I was as white as a sheet. I drew my hands back shaking and said I had enough. We then decided to go to a bar and shoot pool some 30 miles away. She went upstiars to take a shower and I shot pool in her living room. While she was showering the phone rang and I answered it and some guy asked if Dave was home I said no and then he asked for Sharon. I told him she was in the shower and hung up. We then left for the club, each of us driving our own car. We must have been doing 90 miles and hour trying to get there before it got crowed. It wasn’t until the following week that we put it all together. Grampy was mad for he said we raced well we raced time and were driving very fast. Tom was mad? Well it was Tom on the phone and he was pissed that his best friends luittle sister had a male friend over and was in the shower he was in love with her and soon they married. So everything the board said came true and to this day it still scares the shit out of me and although I have one in the closet, I have never had the nerve to open the box and play with it.[]

  4. Carlette says:

    I completely believe that story. It angers me that Hasbro markets that thing as a toy and it is FAR from being a toy. It is a portal, which, in itself, is not a problem. The real problem lies in being able to CLOSE the portal and/or destroy the board which most people don’t do. So the portal stays open and anything can cross over (which is usually what happens). I’ve been a witch for many years and NO witch I know will mess with that thing and people I know who have, regret it. Ought to tell you something. It’s NOT a joke. It seems as though whatever comes through never wants to go back. o.O

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