Posted: February 4, 2013 in Random stuff
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One day, a college professor was addressing his class.

“The …” he said.

At that point, a young man in the front row stood, pointed his finger at the professor, and yelled: “You’re wrong!”

“But I didn’t say anything yet,” the professor protested.

“It doesn’t matter,” the young man said. “We’re in one of those ‘a professor was addressing his class’ anecdotes. By default, your status as an academic marks you as one of those intellectual types who just thinks he’s sooooooo smart, but has no idea how the real world works.”

“Aren’t you assuming …” the professor began, but the young man cut him off once again.

“Look,” the young man said, “we all know the drill. You’re about to say something that ostensibly disproves the existence of God, advocates socialism or puts down America. Then I’m going to stand up and point out what an asshole you are. Maybe there’s going to be a surprise reveal where I turn out to be some revered historical figure. And the whole thing’s going to end with a plea to forward this to everyone you know. So why waste our time? How about we just get this over with and take the rest of the afternoon off?”

“I don’t know,” the professor said.

“It’s dollar shots night at the campus bar,” the young man said. “Just putting that out there.”

“In that case,” the professor replied, “whatever I was about to say was totally wrong. Guess you put me in MY place with your simple, homespun wisdom that completely trumps all of my fancy-pants book learning. Class dismissed.”

And the name of that young man … was George Washington.


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