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OK, gotta call bullshit on this one. From a review in today’s local paper on the movie “A Letter to Momo” (which sounds pretty awesome). “American children’s films have never been very good at handling grief. Our stories tend to focus on external obstacles, worldly challenges to be met and overcome. For grief, for the melancholy and sadness we all must learn to face, we need to turn to Japanese anime …”

Uh, hello? “Up?” “Finding Nemo?” “The Lion King?” Freakin “BAMBI?”

My friend Tracy speculated that this might be the movie reviewer:

But no, it’s a guy. I’m a little puzzled how he got a job reviewing movies, in light of the fact that this is apparently the first one he’s seen. But I look forward to his future reviews. Which will probably contain observations like these:

– “In a delightfully innovative approach, two radically mismatched police detectives — a loose cannon and a by-the-book straight arrow — team up to solve the case.”

– “Surprisingly, the two members of the opposite sex who initially dislike each other form a romantic bond.”

Here’s a partial list of Mafia nicknames that just don’t work. Adjust your lives accordingly.

Joey Dungeons & Dragons

Delightfully Saucy Lou

Frankie the Unitarian

Olaf “How’d I End Up in the Sicilian Mafia Again?” Gunnerson

Vinnie the Pooh




Guinea Pig Interview

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This video made me happy.