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I should be doing more of this — spotlighting blogs I enjoy reading.

If you like “Chamber of the Bizarre,” I assume you like Halloween. I mean — it’s cool if you don’t. I just assume that nobody visits a blog called “Chamber of the Bizarre” in search of tasteful home decoration tips.

Anyway, if you ARE a fan of Halloween, do yourself a favor and check out “The Year of Halloween,” brought to you by haunted hostess Eva Halloween. The subtitle “All the Halloween You Can Handle” pretty much sums it up. Enjoy.


You may notice a lack of thematic consistency for Chamber of the Bizarre. I hope you can live with that. As I mentioned in a recent post, the subject of this blog is basically whatever the hell I happen to be interested in at the moment.

One subject I’ve been interested in ever since the Ultimate Fighting Championship started airing in the U.S. is mixed martial arts. A few years back, I used to follow it pretty closely. I don’t really have time to follow it anymore, but I still enjoy it whenever I have time to catch a match .

For my money, there isn’t a more exciting or fascinating sport on the planet. (And yes, it IS a sport. You haters out there are going to have to get used to that sooner or later.)

So I’d like to put in a plug for my friend Ted Czech’s video channel and blog: “MMA Explosion.” It’s a great source for MMA news in general. And if you’re interested in MMA news specific to the northeastern U.S., it’s literally the best information source out there.

Here, Ted weighs in on the upcoming UFC 152. It should be exciting. But then again, aren’t they all?

And here’s a link to his blog:

Once again, I join the talented and charming Carlette Norwood Ritter for her “Lette’s Chat” broadcast. Here we interview Scott Pruden, author of the satirical science fiction novel “Immaculate Deception.” How is being a book lover these days like being an indie music fan back in the day? Can men really write erotica? Is junior high more survivable for the young science fiction geeks of today? And what are some creative uses for grapes? Listen and find out.

My friend Carlette found my previous blog entry about the book “The Vampire Slayers’ Field Guide to the Undead” intriguing, so she decided to make it the subject of one of her blog talk radio broadcasts. And she graciously (foolishly?) asked me to sit in. Give it a listen if you want:–all-about-vampires

Yaaaay! I got a story published on a Website called “Microhorror.” The gimmick is that every story on the site has to be horror fiction that’s 666 words or fewer in length. I found writing that short to be quite a challenge. So I’ve been doubly impressed with the consistently high quality of the submissions.

All of the stories I’d seen on there were serious. Mine, obviously, is a spoof. I didn’t really expect it to be accepted, and was pleasantly surprised when it was. Here’s the link:

Hi. My name is Tom, and I’m a 45-year-old technological illiterate who still hasn’t figured out DVD players, much less all this newfangled post-P.C. stuff. Fortunately, there’s a place I can go to acquire a semblance of tech savvy. “The Mind of Ferg.”

This is a blog by my very gifted friend Doug Ferguson. Doug was into this stuff back in the days when personal computing was an obscure subculture. And a younger, mulleted version of yours truly used to give him a hard time about being into some dorky hobby that was CLEARLY of no practical use to anyone. Yes, I was a moron.

Anyway, after a hiatus, “Mind of Ferg” is back. Check it out for useful information presented in a way that even somebody like me can understand it.

Here’s the link: