Enhance the whole Tom Joyce experience

Email me at chamberofthebizarre@gmail.com. Always looking for contributors. And friends. Unless you’re a former Nigerian finance minister who wants help moving cash offshore. You think I’m an idiot? The 8th or so time I lost money doing that, it occurred to me — Hey! This is bullshit!

You can also like me on Facebook for thrilling updates about my life. (Photos of what I’m having for lunch, complaints about an unspecified person who hurt my inner child, factually dubious assertions that end with “Repost if you agree!!! Some of you will repost!!! Most will not!!!, etc.)

Or check out my Twitter feed for similar stuff, but provided at intervals of every 30 seconds or so.

  1. Lette's Chat says:

    LMFAO! Feel free to call on me if/when you should need it. Just let me know which avatar/persona you want me to come as. haha

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