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Wow! Election Day is finally here. I’m going to warn you about some things to be wary of when you vote tomorrow.
But first, let me make one thing very clear. This is not a political blog.

The reason I’m so emphatic on that score is because I recently completed a long stint as a newspaper reporter, covering a political beat.

I’m all for free speech and open discussion of the important issues. Even so, the constant bellicosity that seems to define politics these days (and has always defined it, if we’re going to be honest) got wearying after a while. Around election time, it can get particularly shrill.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with that. In fact, I believe it’s necessary on some level. I just personally feel like taking a break from it.

So how about this? The subject of this particular blog entry may be political. But it’s not partisan. This doesn’t apply to any particular candidate. In fact, I don’t have the presidential race in mind when I give the following warnings.

This is more for the regional political contests. The ones where the incumbents and challengers don’t have an international press corps parsing every utterance, written or verbal. Those are the ones where bullshit is most likely to fly under the radar.

I was inspired to write this because I attended a candidates’ forum a couple of weeks ago, and saw an incumbent pull the bait-and-switch, which I’ll detail below.

When a politician is telling you why you should vote for him or her, watch out for the following tactics. (more…)