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As I’ve written here before, I have no problem with horror writers falling back on the well-worn tropes. Zombies? Vampires? Whatever. As long as the books are a good read, I’m cool with it.

It’s kind of like when I watch “Rio Bravo.” I don’t care that it’s one of approximately 500 gazillion studio westerns produced in the 1950s. All I care about is that it’s a damn good movie.

Still, it’s refreshing and gratifying to see a writer come up with a unique concept, and knock it out of the park. Which is what Damien Walters Grintalis does with her book “Ink,” from Samhain Publishing.

The story is about a guy who gets a haunted tattoo.

Offhand, the only haunted tattoo stories I can think of are “The Tattooer” by Junichiro Tanizaki, and the “Never Again” episode of the X-Files. (Classics, both.) And both took extremely different approaches to their respective narratives.

Originality alone isn’t going to carry it, of course. Fortunately, “Ink” is also suspenseful, well-crafted and REALLY freakin eerie. (more…)