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This Saturday, I will represent Codorus Press at the Western Maryland Independent Literature Festival in Frostburg, — you guessed it — Md.

I’m pretty psyched. I’ve been there before, and it’s a great event. I’ll be sitting in on a roundtable discussion on science fiction. I’ll also participate on a panel that will discuss writing dialogue.

Here’s a spoiler. When writing dialogue, be sure to pile on the adverbs. And whatever you do, avoid the word “said.” eg: “Yes,” he declaimed vociferously.

Just kidding. Don’t do that. Please.

I’ll also be signing copies of my novel “The Freak Foundation Operative’s Report,” which totally doesn’t suck according to a number of my friends and family members whose objectivity on the issue I see no reason to question.

Should you be anywhere in the area of Frostburg on Saturday, stop in and say hi. Better yet, come out and get drunk with me afterward.